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using the Pioneer Toraiz for live recording and chopping up the samples

I am doing a live performance with recording audience responses on my MPC Live and then chopping them up on the MPC and playing them back along with my DJ set. Is this possible on the Toraiz SP16?

Can you take a live recording and split it easily into the step sequencer or on to the pads so that you can then play back the recording to the audience in a live setting and be able to break up the recording into sections and work with the sections (effects and such)

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Hi Gary, that's absolutely possible. The feature is called "Live Sampling".

As long as your mic which is recording the audience is amplified up to "line level" using a preamp or mixer of some sort, the SP-16 can sample it from the inputs on the rear of the device.

Live Sampling allows for immediate grabbing of audio and then replaying it either automatically or manually.  You can additionally trim the sample's start and end points once you exit out of Live Sampling mode.

And of course, yes, you can take one long sample and spread it across the pads to have 16 different start points, which you can manually set in the TRACK MENU > PLAYBACK area.

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