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Rekordbox 31 band graphic EQ


Adding a 31 band graphic EQ (or support for VST plugins) natively in Rekorbox, would allow to make a fine tune EQ in digital signal instead of making it through a traditional hardware EQ that are usually analog.

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I also often have the need to tweak the master signal to adjust for room acoustics or better speaker performance, A 31 bad EQ requires measurement equipment and/or lot of experience to set it right, so it may not always be the best choice. The more versatile approach would be to enable VST / audio units in the master audio channel, possibly for Booth and Cue as well. That way I could use e.g. Fabfilter Q3 or any other plugins, eliminating the need for a dbx drive rack or other outboard gear. Although possible, Work arounds on OS-X via rogue amoeba audio hijack or Voicemeeter Bananas on Windows are tricky to figure out, need to be launched separately everytime and are not really compatible with the CUE / MIX mixer operation on Pioneer DDJs. So native integration of plugins in rekordbox really is the way to go.

Pioneer- any plans like this and if not, could you at least consider? Thanks!

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