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Action Stickers

ATM there's hotcues, and memories. RB6 is also aware of phrasing; but I'd suggest a new type of memory: symbolic sticker memories

If you had the ability to notate what you'd like to do at a certain point and display this as the song is playing it'd be very useful.

For example, there should be a symbol for echo out. You place the symbol for echo out at 2:45:33 in your song and then just as it would with any other memory, it displays it as you near that point in the song.

Then as a DJ you know that you've decided to echo out of this song and as you're playing this mix you don't have to remember it; it's sitting on the screen to remind you.

These stickers should be the size of the waveform and denote and display the desired action. For example; one symbol could be a symbol for fade out: this symbol would be a triangle which would symbolize the changes to the envelope you're creating by turning the fader down.

The triangles base would be on the left, and taper to the right denoting the action and curve desired of the fader movement desired.

Bonus points if you could denote the length of the fadeout as well as the steepness of the curve.

But honestly; even being able to arbitrarily remind myself of a given action based on the position of the playhead in the song would be a win, even without the extra details describing the action required. 

Currently I use memories and I name them of the action to remind myself of the desired action at that given time.

This works poorly; as it depends if I'm looking at the right deck; at the right time (the notation isn't always up there) and is intermixed with the thousand other uses I have for memories.

A separate function that allowed me to notate these things directly and overlay them on the waveform would make things 1000 times easier  and make the wording of the notation irrelevant. I'd know it was a fadeout, because it's symbol would be universal. And not whatever I decided to call it this time when I wrote the memory.

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