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230W 7R Sharpy Beam Moving Head #2



Congratulations on purchasing this 230W moving Beam Light 
Thank you for extending your trust in our technology!
Color Temperature: 8000K 
Control Mode: DMX512
Channel: 16CH
Single input: 3 Core XLR
Single Output: 3 Cores XLR
Pan scan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
Tilt scan: 270°(16bit) Electric correction
Color Wheel: 14 Color + White, Single rotation rainbow effect, two models changing ( Full color and half color 
Gobos: 8 gobos + white, Double rotation rainbow effect
Strobe: 13 t/s, free strobe and Pulse strobe
Controller function : controller can be with reset function 
Vertical angle: 0°~270°
Stepping mode: 255 user-programmable steps without DMX controller mode
Pattern:automatic pattern/sound activate/master-slave control/DMX
The largest external temperature: 40°
Cooling System: Fan
Unprecedented brightness - comparable to wattages many times higher 
8-facet rotating prism
Mechanical dimmer
Frost Filter
Rapid and extensive pan and tilt movements
New, high-performance electronics
Eco-friendly: replaces far larger and more expensive spotlights
Electronic ballast fitted as standard

Performance trait:
1, Philips Lamp
2, completely parallel to the beam, similar to the last beam, and no nimbus and no halo
3,adjustable beam angle from 0 to 3.8° 
4, compared with a variety of lighting , the power is higher for several times(20m 59800LX)
5, 8 kinds of patterns of self-turntable Gobo
7, X and Y(Pan & Tilt)loudspeaker mute and fast movement
8,high-performance electronic components ,small size ,light weight ,easy to transport(only 15kg)
9,high-performance electronic ballasts




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There are so many similar clones of this fixture in the rekordbox fixture library.

Please try the following for example.

Manufacturer: Unknown
Fixture: 230W 7R Sharpy Beam Moving Head or Beam 260W

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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