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PLX 1000 'bounce back' from the motor

Hi, wondering if you can advise. I have an annoying issue with my pair of PLX 1000 turntables. It's an issue I've noticed on every PLX 1000. When pitch bending by touching the side of the platter for example, the platter slows down, but on release the platter speeds up and exceeds the original pitch before then returning to the expected pitch. Please see the video attached which demonstrates this. Note the 'strobe' lights, they remain steady and constant, you touch the plater and you can see that the platter slows down, but then on release you see the strobes speed up passing 0% pitch before then returning to stead and constant as before. This is audible when mixing as well, you can hear it in the music. Again, this is not just my pair of turntables but happens on every unit I've tested.

It makes mixing a real pain and an added difficulty. This does not occur on other turntables I've tested such as the Reloop RP7000mk2, for example.

Please see video showing the problem : https://youtu.be/Wsii1b1OzV4

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