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Stinger Spot moving head outputs PURPLE when BLUE or LIGHT BLUE are selected


Blue color output as purple through RB Lighting

I have some ADJ Stinger Spot moving heads and they work great, but I am unable to get the color BLUE to output to the light. No matter what shade is selected in the lighting editor, purple is displayed on the light itself. When I set the color to purple, it matches the same. When I run the light in demo mode or sound activated mode, there is a very distinct blue that it is capable of. It seems that the mapping for this may have an issue. Is it possible to check into this? 

Here is a link to the light on ADJ's website for reference -https://www.adj.com/stinger-spot

User manual - https://www.fullcompass.com/common/files/29859-ADJStingerSpotUserManual.pdf

I am using this in 11 channel mode.

 did some testing on this and manually sent the DMX values with custom inputs in Rekordbox and the blue and light blue are exactly what you would expect. However, both colors still output as purple.

I tested this in both 9 and 11 channel modes and the result is the same. The weirdest part is that there is no color for purple listed in the manual, but RB is somehow able to generate it. 


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