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Keeping BPM - Switching from 1/2 player export mode

Just as title says.

Would be great if when switching the number of active players in export mode (1 - 2) that the tracks kept the previously set BPM.

Currently if you have 2 players in export mode, with 1 or both using an adjusted BPM, when you swap to 1 player in export mode it sets the track to use the default BPM. Same if you adjust it in 1 player mode then switch to 2 players, it will again reset to the default BPMs on the tracks.

I suppose this is probably happening because when you switch the number of players in export mode it must be "reloading" the track or track data, not sure why though, as it seems like that's just a waste of processing power if the track was already loaded.

Why do I continually have to manually edit the BPM when switching between the number of players in export mode... be nice if it could remember that I already did that.


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