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RESOLVED: DJM-Rec Static in recording

I posted a few weeks ago and have seen other similar posts here and elsewhere about static/distortion in the recording when recording from a DJM mixer to the DJM-Rec app.  I was able to fix my problem by replacing the USB cable that was connecting my mixer to the iPhone.  I had been using a longer (not Apple brand) cable so that my phone would be out of the way.  I purchased a new standard Apple brand cord and voila!  I am now able to record without that annoying static sound.  I highly recommend that if you have anyone asking about a static/clicking/crackling sound that you suggest replacing the cord with a new Apple brand cord as a second step to trouble shoot it (after updating to newest firmware and iOS version).  I was able to buy the replacement cord from Walmart for $10 or so. (Not the $29 I used to see.)

Ted Morris

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Hello Ted,

I have the same issue, i don't see that Apple sell "Apple Certified" cable from type USB-C to USB-A (this is the cable i need to connect my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the Pioneer DJM-V10)...

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