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Forums are unusable

Can somebody PLEASE fix these terrible forums. I've been stuck for 3 months trying to post but every time I log in it just throws me to the product page instead of where I want to go and then expects me to log in again.

Two days ago I actually managed to log in and make a post. FINALLY!

But today I can't update my post or comment on it because the forum says I need to sign in (I am! The web sites own navigation bar shows me as logged in) and if I foolishly select that link I'm back to the product page, asked to log in again and a never-ending Groundhog Day scenario of not being able to post or make a comment.  It's beyond unusable! I've tried a "fresh start" with newly installed alternative browsers (Firefox, The Edge after Chrome wouldn't work) but the problem persists.

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This is an unfortunate side effect of browser security -- you need to ensure that you have allowed cross-site data for the following domains:


If you clear all cookies and cached data for those sites, then verify that you've either allowed all cross-site data, or explicitly allowed it for those sites, you'll have no problems in future.

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Yep still got this issue as well. Can't use the forums on Safari, cant do the  enable cross site tracking thing on Safari afaik and cant find the settings on Chrome.

The soluttion I came up with is clear all cookies etc in chrome then log in every single time you wanna make a post. Bit of a joke really.

Reminds me of the time I was getting an error on the DJS-1000 software every time I opened it. Posted about it in the forum and the official solution given to me was to enable the guest account/login on my mac. Like, how about fix the issue instead of giving people weird work arounds lol

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