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Promo - WITH RB Data

Just a thought

I just picked up a few promos, and the RB analysis is off (no offence) - it brought me to the following idea.

Could there be a method where we can import (say a zip file) of one track with all metadata inc loops, cue points, phrasing, labelling etc - you get me - all info.


Then, promo people can send out their tracks and know that it's straight in the mix, rather than every DJ having to do that stuff, analyse, add cue points blah blah.


From a DJ POV - on importing it would be vital to be able to choose if you want that data or not - some of us are fussy ;)


I'm a dinosaur - it wouldn't surprise me if you already do this already on Beatport / Streaming / Digital source platforms, but I rely mainly on sourcing own tracks and importing.


Over to you :)

toby spin

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