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controlling other midi gear with toraiz

i know how to midi outside gear to toraiz and use the sequencer to play and record the outside gear.

and i know how to start stop by midi using the outboard gears sequencer but what i am wondering is (and I hope i am explaining this right)

i want to use the toraiz as main sequencer for all samples  inside... but i want to be able to not only start and stop my tb03 sequencer i want to be able to assign it to a mute button so that when i am playing it together and i want to stop  or stop the sequencer in a track i can... kind of like a mute on the toraiz.... is this possible?


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Hi Gruvhard,

I'm not sure if you are using the Toraiz SP-16 or Toraiz Squid to sequence your TB-03. But the principle is the same for both Toraiz devices.

Toraiz devices can send 2 types of MIDI data:

The first type is MIDI sync. MIDI Sync tells your TB-03 sequencer to start and stop at the same time as your Toraiz device. So if your musical note data is programmed into the TB-03's internal sequencer, then every time you start and stop your Toraiz gear, the TB-03's internal sequencer will start to play in sync.

Now, if you want to mute your TB-03 using the Toraiz gear, then your musical note information should not be in the TB-03, but programmed into the Toraiz gear instead--and the TB03 should play a blank pattern.

 Any of the Toraiz's 16 tracks can transmit MIDI Note data. Just make sure the Toraiz is transmitting on the MIDI Channel that the TB-03 is set to receive on.


Does that make sense?



Rhythm Droid
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