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Rekordbox Export tracks in a format readable to old players. e.g. CDJ-400

Make an option to export tracks to a pen in a format that old players can read.
For example export only the tracks in order like we see them on the playlist, for example the name of the file to be exported could be :

Playlist "A" (folder name)

"1 - track name.mp3"

"2- track name.mp3"


Or choose different:

"1 - Track name - Artist name.mp3"

"2 - Track name - Artist name.mp3"


Or other filename customized by user, direct to the pen. Because old players like CDJ-400 or other brand of players do not read the exported pen in rekordbox.

Like the software foobar2000 can do to export.

PS: KEEP the option to export in .txt format the playlist, because at this time the only option is to print the playlist in paper to consult and the make a quick search on the pen in a gig where are old cdj or other brands.

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