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Track Filter not following current master device CDJ 3000


So - I should test this between NXS2 and CDJ3000 to be sure, but I felt that the track filter was working better on the NXS2 when you swapped master player...

My dream is that when I switch master player - track filter should automatically follow that, and give reference tracks as it goes live.

Playing with the CDJ3000s - something fells sluggish - I'm double clicking each time to re-load the track filter selection, and even then sometimes it doesn't pick up the latest player, so I have to click on "master player" in the track filter screen for it yo update.

Anyway.- if i get time, I'll record what I'm seeing.


toby spin

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Yes, I have the same issues you said. They definitely worked different with NXS2, and I think the old system didn't feel "glitchy". Need to press track filter twice (that is, to enter the menu), to have it adapt to new master player.


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