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Eurolite BF-PAR 36 12X1W LED

  • Manufacturer: EUROLITE
  • Model Name: BF-PAR 36 1W LED
  • Fixture type: par36 led
  • A link to the product website: THEY DON'T SHOW ANY LINK, AS THE PRODUCT IS NOT MADE ANYMORE (i bought them in 2010)
  • A link to the product manual: NO
  • DMX channel modes: 5 Channel (1: Mode - 2: Lamp - 3: Red - 4: Green - 5: Blue
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I tried everything to find it but i didn't. Just found out and guess its channels with my dmx controller. I would understand u couldn't get this into the list. Thanks for your attention anyways.


BTW: I Posted another one (MARK MOVILED 512). I think i wrote down for you all the information you need. I would be so happy. Thanks a lot

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Unfortunately we cannot add a fixture without proper documentation. You give it a try with Barrier under Stage Ape which seems to match your description.

Your other request has been answered in the relevant post.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd


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