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Pitch Tempo system is terrible in rekordbox heres why

----- Rekordbox Soft take over Pitch/Tempo

The soft take over pitch system is terrible in rekordbox, yes it gets the job done but any open format dj coming from serato or traktor are left scratching there heads when they make the move to the flagship software and the pitch fader suddenly becomes unresponsive

please intergrate a serato like pitch where the faders don’t lock up when you go outside the default bpm value. Its so off putting and takes you out of the zone and is completely un natural when you have to solve the puzzle on how to unlock the pitch when in a booming club.

-----DDJ controllers Soft take over LED indication red arrows

Because pioneer (and denon) have chosen the soft pitch take over route you will find little red arrows (green for denon) next to the pitch fader that indicate to the dj which way and how far the dj needs to move the pitch fader in order to regain control of the pitch, until the fader finds its way to this exact position the fader is unresponsive.

Why then did pioneer stick with this pretty poor implementation of pitch fader and then decide to remove the LED unlock indication arrows from controllers produced after the DDJ RX – the arrows are a fundamental part of djing if you use a soft take over.

Some house dj’s will read this and not understand but as for the rest of the open format dj’s we are left fighting this system on a nightly basis if using a ddj 800 1000 RZ or XZ.

Please reinstate the hardware led indication arrows on all forth coming controllers it really was so much more intuitive then looking at the screen and working it out.

Edit: to avoid soft take over altogether perhaps a default pitch range of 24 or 32% could be added to the options and stop us open formaters being thrown into the wide (100%) range.


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I totally agree with the soft tak over .   I believe i mad a similar request a while back and was told the functionality was designed to mimic CDJs and hence likely was not gonna get changed. 

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