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Display of hot cues on players without hot cue functionality

I was playing on a set with two CDJ-900 NXS players which was actually the first time for me. I knew they don't have hot cue functionality but I never realized this also means the hot cues are not shown in the waveform display.

I use my hot cues in a way that it also tells me a lot about the structure of the track. For instance, I use hot cue A for the best position in a track to mix it in, hot cue B for where the bassline begins (so where the DJ intro ends), hot cue D for where the DJ outro begins, and so on.

So even if the player doesn't have hot cue functionality, I would really like to have them at least visible above the waveform.

I realize the last firmware update for the CDJ-900 NXS was way back in 2017 so chances are slim to none Pioneer will update the firmware, but I can at least try, right? ;)

Cliff Pennock

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