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Rekordbox support for Linux systems

Hello, I suggest the feature to support linux systems. it will be very beneficial for all linux users. The competition on linux systems is also very low because linux is not as heavy used as mac os or windows, so a lot of competing dj software does not support linux. PioneerDJ will also get positive awareness among the linux community, which has a above-average share of contributers who can code and thus can help rekordbox grow and develop :)

Till Isenhuth

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Hi Till,

Sorry - the market share is simply too small for the cost of developing and supporting for Linux. Unfortunately rekordbox is not open-source, so it wouldn't be available for the community to modify. Thanks for your interest.

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How can you be sure the Linux market share is this small? Going through the Pioneer forums this question has been asked several times (and always dismissed with the same answer). I think there's two groups of Linux users, which either dual boots to Windows to 'get on with it' and a (smaller) group having a CDJ not using it's full potential because of my OS (counting myself).

Even if we can get to analyzing USB's in Linux, it'd already be fine. No need for a full-fledged rekordbox release already. That's way too over-engineered.

Your product is looking bad because it's disfunctional for some users, because they don't own a Windows/Mac PC. In this era, you should keep a solid brand to stay ahead of competitors like Denon DJ that got around this issue already.


Edit (as the thread has been closed):

Thank for your comment and further explenation. I'm sorry if I came in too strong, but it might feel necessary. A simple Google search (link: https://www.google.com/search?q=rekordbox+linux+site%3Aforums.pioneerdj.com ) learns there's more than ten requests, only on your forums. The actual need might, ofcourse, be higher.

I can see the VM situation working for powerful machines, but we all know rekordbox hasn't been too ... lightweighted lately. And there certainly is a use-case for users resorting to Linux for a less bloated system.

Pioneer not wanting to bother about Linux users can be an opinion, but at least give us the tools to develop a proper workaround, like the folks at VirtualDJ did.

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We can be sure because the number of requests for it can be counted on two hands.

Besides, Linux users are more likely to be familiar with setting up and operating a virtual machine to do many of the tasks they're unable to do on that platform, so unfortunately you'll need to add rekordbox to that list as there are no plans for a Linux version of the software. Sorry.

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