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Question regarding RX3 functionality

Hello PioneerDJ,

I have a couple of questions regarding the functions of your new RX3 unit. When I browse the playlists on my USB I can only see the track waveform, track name and ONE more category that I assign myself in Rekordbox. Is there a way in which I can set it up so that I have all the basic information I need when selecting a track (Track name, Artist and BPM) and not only 2 things at the same time?

Additionally, in the Crossfader YouTube review, the reviewer mentions that under the deck information there is a bar counter. In the manual, however, it says that this is merely a beat countdown to the nearest cue point. Is it possible to set this as a bar counter instead or display the current bar number in any other way? 

Thank you for your time!


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>Is there a way in which I can set it up so that I have all the basic information I need when selecting a track (Track name, Artist and BPM) and not only 2 things at the same time?

There is no choice but to turn on INFO.
When INFO is turned on, information other than the song titles of multiple songs cannot be displayed at the same time.

>Is it possible to set this as a bar counter instead or display the current bar number in any other way?

There is no way to change it.


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Thank you for your reply!

Can't believe I paid 2000 euros for a standalone DJ unit whose main feature is a large screen. But somehow that large screen cannot display the most basic track information (title, artist and bpm) or count bars in the year 2021.

I thought the entire point of standalone units were to NOT require the use of a laptop yet my crappy 10-year-old laptop displays more useful information in performance mode than this new 2000 euro unit does.

I guess a workaround would be to manually change all my track titles and add their BPM and to set memory cues for every track but damn will that be time-consuming.

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Well alright, if you want to you can see everything. But is it convenient? Hell no.

When you are browsing through your tracks there is plenty of space to display all 3 basic things at once, yet it is made incredibly inconvenient on a 10,1-inch screen for no logical reason whatsoever. When selecting a track, you should be able to see the information that you need at a glance (and especially so on a 2k euro machine with a huge screen) and not through some workaround.

If you want to select a track now this is what you see when you have bpm as your extra display category of choice: 
As you know, dance music tracks tend to have quite generic titles. When browsing a large collection, unless it's a song that you have played dozens of times you probably don't know who the artist is that produced 'Hold that Jack' or 'Let's Move'. Knowing the artist is quite essential information when selecting your next track and you can not see this if you decide to display BPM.

In this example, I have changed the settings so that the artist name is displayed but this can only be achieved by sacrificing the BPM. Why is this necessary? Why can't all the basic track information simply be displayed in the highlight bar? There is plenty of space for it.

If you use the info tab as you suggested then you can see everything you need to know... eventually. It takes much more time than it should. First, your eyes are focused on the highlight scrollbar where you can only see the track title. You have no clue who produced most of these tracks due to their generic track titles. 'Hold that Jack' uuuh.. who was that again? Then in order to see the artist, you got to change your focus elsewhere, and then you need to change your focus AGAIN to see the bpm. If you are scrolling through a playlist that you don't know by heart this takes unnecessarily long and distracts your mixing. You have to repeat this process for every single track that you can not identify by simply reading the track title. Again, all the basic track information could easily fit in the track selection bar.

This is what happens when trying to look for information:

There is plenty of space left on the screen to show the bpm (or any other criteria that other DJ's might find valuable). I really do not care about seeing the album art in the preview as I am not playing with vinyl and that is not a factor that helps me identify my records, bpm is. I also don't care about the track number in the playlist. The green area on the image below is completely unused and the red area contains information that I really do not care about when selecting my track. Why can't this empty space be used or can the criteria with which we filter our tracks can be selected ourselves? All the primary information you need can EASILY fit in the highlight bar. I understand that with the previous smaller screens that would've been harder to accomplish,  but now Pioneer chooses not to. Why?

I have no intention of making this a Pioneer vs Denon debate, I think both brands have their own merits and I value both in their own way. But since I have played on SC6000's a lot I cannot help but wonder why Pioneer can not create a simple clean interface. It's mindboggling that in the year 2021 we need to choose ONE criterion to display next to the track name or settle for an inconvenient way to read all information. All this is on a 10,1-inch screen on a machine that costs more than a high-end gaming PC. Why can't it be done more clearly like this:

ALL information available at once in the highlighted scrollbar. Exactly what you need when selecting your next track. Easy, clean, and saves time for dj-ing.

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