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Yellow display on one CDJ 3000

Good day. I bought two CDJ 3000 and one had to complain. The complaint could not be successfully settled due to the unavailability of the spare part. So I bought another CDJ 3000 and noticed that the touch screen was yellow, so it looks ugly next to the second CDJ. Is there a display error, or is it used in the manufacture of multiple types of displays, or is it due to the display hardware? One CDJ was produced in October 2020 and the other in July 2021. Thank you for your reply.

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Hi Josef,

The photos don't show it clearly - it's possible there was a component change made in production due to part availability this year, so if you're not satisfied with the new unit, I'd suggest going back to your retailer to discuss options.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the answer Pulse. According to the seller, there is nothing you can do about it, because, as you said, there was probably a change in components in production and a different appearance of the display does not affect the functionality of the device, which of course I understand. I tried to use photos to show what the thing was about.

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