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DJM900NXS2 weird cue effect


by chance I noticed a weird effect during monitoring on the DJM900NXS, it is reproducable:

- Digital source on any channel X (in my case XDJ1000mk2 on ch2 or ch3)
- Enable CUE on channel X
- Enable also CUE on MASTER
- Put CUE/MASTER Mixing to the middle

=> You will hear your source louder (this is normal of course, because you have same signal on CUE/MASTER)

- Now in the Beat FX section, change the FX frequency that only MID is affected/lighted, set Beat FX to delay (but it seems not to matter)
- DON'T set Beat FX to ON, but when turing the level/depth knob, you will hear that it affetcs your monitoring indeed, even if not enabled. It sounds like the MID frequencies are eliminated in this case when you turn the level/depth up from MIN

=> This is very weird, I guess it is a bug in the internal signal routing or something like this

For everything else my DJM900NXS2 is working flawless, so I don't think it is a hardware defect.


Markus Marquardt

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