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Chauvet intimidator spot led 350


Merci d enregistré dans votre bibliothèque du rb-dmx1.

J ai bien trouvé le spot led intimidator 350 mais en (advanced).

Le problème est que la lyre ne tourne pas et la roue des gobos ne fonctionne pas non plus.



riou loic Non pianificato

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Hello Riou,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Have you updated to the latest rekordbox version? Some of Gobo functions were supported in rekordbox 6.0.0.

Please update rekordbox to the current 6.6.1 to see if any difference is made. Nevertheless, some of the features cannot be used because they have not been supported by rekordbox lighting. The Channels with (*2) have not been supported. 

Thank you very much for your kind understanding. 

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