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problems recording with audacity5

Hi all, Really desperate for help....all was well until i noticed a mix i had recorded through audacity seemed quieter than usual.  I see that the rec level is turned right up, however, the meter is only peaking at -10db.. I checked control panel sound settings and i only have 2 green bars on the level meter for djm 750mk2...master vol set at 100...and after loudness normalisation (-14 luffs and limiter  set to -1 and hard limit ) its still really low . In settings utility i have recout for USB1 / 2 and rec out for  USB 9/ 10.  USB output set at -19db.   I have done a firmware update for my djm750 mk2...i have installed and uninstalled audacity multiple  times...done the same with the driver. ..i have also tried different PCs ...i was going to post on audacity forum but it seems to be having issues at the moment...i have tried with pioneer help centre but they couldnt really help.  I'm old and i'm not good with computers / tech ....its so frustrating .  please somebody help me out    cheers  kev 

kevin middleton

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Question... did you compile a version that properly supports ASIO devices?

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