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DJM-900-NXS-W Firmware Update issues

Hello, hoping to get some assistance with my Pioneer DJM-900nxs (White Limited Edition) and firmware updates. As far as I know, my mixer is still running the v.1.21 factory firmware it had shipped with nearly 10 years ago (I don't believe I had ever updated the firmware on it, I can't remember doing so at least). I'm running into an issue where my brand new laptop (HP Envy 15-ep1020ca) running Windows 10 64-bit Home edition (Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0) is streaming heavily distorted audio from the mixer via USB with PC Drivers v.1.81. My 10 year old HP laptop running Windows 8 64-bit can stream the mixer sounds just fine over USB (Driver v.1.50). I'm aware of the popping/clicking issues that are fixed in a firmware update (I just lived with it on my Windows 8 HP since it didn't happen that often for me). 

The issue I'm running into via firmware updating the mixer is that neither of my PCs seem to be able to recognize the mixer via ethernet. I've tried several different ethernet cables (the one I use the mixer regularly with seems to work fine when connected to the switch to the other 4 CDJs). As most should know, brand new laptops these days rarely come with ethernet jacks built in anymore, so I'm using a USB-hub with ethernet on the Windows 10 PC to try and connect with. It seems to go through all of the standard items, shows as "Identifying..." for several seconds to a minute, will then go to "Unidentified Network" - when I check the ARP table though (ARP -A in command prompt), I don't see what looks like the mixer MAC address in the table. I've ensured both the Windows 10/Windows 8 ethernet adapters are set to DHCP to negotiate an address between either device. When I try and proceed with the firmware update, all items from the zipped folder are extracted, right-click and run the exe as Administrator - asks to "START" update on the mixer - I click "START", then shows "Waiting from DJM-900nxs" - I look at the mixer, and it still shows on the "UPDATE

v.1.21" - screen."

In every instance, the mixer then goes to a "ER00" (or "EE00") and the update never actually finishes and is never successful. To me, it almost seems like the mixer is stuck with the DHCP address from the switch it's usually plugged into to communicate with the CDJs, question is - how do you clear it? 

Or is there a way to update the DJM firmware through USB at all?

Any other ideas to get rid of the distortion? I had the DJM PC drivers v.1.50 installed on my Windows 8 PC and installed them on my Windows 10 PC - the distortion cleared up just SLIGHTLY, but was still heavily present. Tried changing the sample rate on the mixer from 48khz to 96khz - not much of a difference, if any. 


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Have you tried connecting the mixer and your computer to your router?

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