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DJM-400 Roll Effect doesn't work, Robot sounds like Phaser

My cat spilled water on my DJM-400 which knocked it out dead. I heard a pop and all lights and power went dead. I unplugged & pulled it apart. I noticed electrolytic bubbles under one of the major capacitors, 35V labeled "C307" on the board. I tested it as well as the several other major capacitors on the board with a multimeter to still be functional, then I dried the power board, faders and knobs completely. I reassembled it and plugged it back in and it powered on and it started working just fine, with just a small hiccup at the start.

When I first turned it back on and plugged in an audio source I had a strange issue where turning on the Auto function would also turn on both Fader Start button lights, and all three headphone CH1 CH2 Master lights. Pushing any of the latter would toggle the Auto BPM function. Frustrated I started twiddling a lot of knobs and striking switches, and I believe it was the Mic off/on switch that finally got these buttons to stop toggling each other, now these are functioning independently again. However the effect bank is now all messed up: Roll no longer works, it sounds like Robot. Robot sounds like Phaser. Flange, Filter, Echo and Delay all work perfectly fine.

In Loop Sampler is a tricky one. It sounds like Robot most of the time, unless I flick the Mic on/off/talk over switch around a bit, then I can usually get the sampler to come back on. Roll won't come back no matter what.

Well seeing as I've had this thing powered on non-stop for like 14 years I guess I've been really lucky. Don't expect to hear good news on this old model but still hoping someone has had some experience or some suggestions for this weird issue. Thanks ahead.

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