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XDJ-RX3 - shrink right column when sorting?

Just used the RX3 this weekend for a gig and i seriously love this thing. 

Of course, with that said, is there any way in the near future we can have the ability to shrink the right column when sorting? I sort a lot by color and BPM and then the title of the track gets cut off and there's all this wasted space to the right of the sort column, If we could drag the to the right it would be perfect or have a few options on top to click like S-M-L for each column size. 

Possibly let us choose to get rid of the album art column since some people do not use it? just trying to thin of ideas to free up room, we can even lose the waveform column if we want and just scrub our finger over the track title to preview

Thanks for any consideration in adding this!



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