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cdj 2000 nxs2 unable to get to hid mode

Hey guys,


First i want to thank you for your help. I love pioneer it is the only way to go, and i am certain that this issue can be resolved easily.


My problem is that when i click the link button on my cdjs (which are plugged in directly on my computer without any usb hubs) I see the following:

First a menu pops up saying 



(on the right it says USB MIDI)

When i use the rotary selector knob to click once the it displays:



(it shows a cdj and a laptop on the right linked by a cable)

 if i click again the rotary selector knob nothing happens


i watched different videos all indicating that at this point i should have the option to select deck 1 or 2 and so on

i cannot get to this point.


please any help is much appreciated


cdjs firmware are updated to 1.85

rekordbox is updated to 6.6.1

i am using mac os x el capitan 10.11

i have been following many different videos online on how to do it and the part that wont work is on the hardware where i cannot select deck 1 or 2 etc


thank you for any help!

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See the answers provided in your ticket. Thanks!

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