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DJM T1 Audio Issues

I picked up a DJM T1 (Yes, I know it's old. I'm also aware ot's designed more for Traktor. I'm getting into vinyl and it was the only thing somewhat Rekordbox compatible within a 100+ mile radius), and I'm having some issues. I set everything up, connected it properly, but every time I try and spin a track in RB, I hear one of two things. The time code signal from my vinyl playing from my speakers, or absolutely nothing. After messing around in the audio settings, I found out that if I assign an output as "channel 3", then it will play audio with the volume fader up or down, with the volume fader only affecting the volume of the time code signal. I've been messing with this for hours, and have yet to find a solution. The only thing I've see is a YouTube video of a guy seemingly getting it to work with RB, and several reddit posts with unrelated issues. Gotta love legacy gear. Thank y'all in advance.
Erik Hopkins

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Try toggling these settings from PHONO to LINE and back to PHONO:

Make sure your input selector on the top of the DJM channel strips is set to USB.

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