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CDJ 2000 crash

Hello folks,
I have two CDJ 2000's that are getting a bit long in the tooth now, so far they have been running fine, but slowly it is getting serious. I already had a heat issue with one of the players four years ago. With warming and slow cooling of the PCBs I could save the player at that time.
Now, some time later, exactly this player shows some strange behavior. Sometimes the screen freezes or it hangs and crashes. In normal use via the USB stick this happens very rarely, but it does happen and most of the time randomly. Often after rather extended use.
Interesting is that behavior in HID mode with Traktor Pro 3. There the trouble occurs faster, but in a different form. Parts of the screen seem to not react anymore and consequently the player no longer responds when pressing the buttons on the display (browse, taglist, info, menu, link, USB, SD, disc). However, it still works as a controller. cue, play, jogwheel, tempo fader, etc. do not make any issues and continue to control Traktor. It seems like the player crashed, but the controller functions continue to run.
Since I don't want to have this issue in the middle of a live set, I'm thinking about repairing it. Unfortunately, I suspect that one of the PCBs has suffered long term damage from the heat issues and now needs to be replaced. I think this will be expensive and I'm not sure if it makes sense anymore.
Has anyone had similar experiences or can give me a tip on how to find out more about this issue?

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