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DJM S-11 used with TORAIZ SP-16

I upgraded my mixer to DJM S-11 and would like to use it with the Toraiz SP-16. (I am also using pair of CDJ2000-n). Can you guide me on how to connect the two?  Is the Aux on the SP-16 an input I can use?? 

Also do I connect the Pro_DJ link on the Toraiz to one of my CDJs?? There is no such connection on the S-11. 

Much appreciate the help.

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Regarding the link, you would do that with an ethernet switch; connect the players and SP-16 to that.

As for the audio, you would only be able to run the output from the SP-16 to the AUX input on the DJM-S11 as there's no send/return.

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