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DJM 250 DC input problem solved

Dear DJs from all over the planet, I have great news. Since when I bought my Pioneer DJM-250 mixer, it has the problem of poor contact on the DC input that turns off the mixer when it touches the wire and even on it cuts the sound, even with the green and orange lights on. Since Pioneer didn't solve the problem of building the DJM-250 mixer, I solved it myself. It's a shame so many people have this engineering problem that Pioneer didn't make a recall to fix it.
I managed to solve it by squeezing a little (lightly) the power supply plug (2.1mm X 5.5mm) with pliers so that the inside part (positive pole) does not come off the pin when you touch the power cable plugged into the rear panel. I've had this problem with my equipment for ten years and only today I was able to solve it with simple pliers. Shameful.
Sincerely, DJ Zelé from Brazil

José Volpato Neto

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