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UPDATE to keep up with the quality that is exspected from Pioneer

Hi yes so since i have purchased the toraiz their has been only two updates !  This insturment is what i chose over the octatrak because of the quality of Pioneer But i have watched pioneer drop the ball on this gear and move on and as they have done this the worth of it has dropped i purchased a akai force and have watched them continuely update to make  a whole new insturment 4 times over im asking pioneer to ad bussess to the effects and add more effex options on  indivudual outs to not have the mute kill the effects as its turned off but to have a option  to also add reverb to indvidual channels    and independent sequence length per track also being able to record nobs turning  peramiters of effects live recording instead of each step only individually the usb in  also being able to connect to gear midi for automation of gear record live   please dont give up on this gear it has alout to offer i love the size of the screan and sound quality at 24 bit is great but please take it to the next level we depend on Pioneer to do us right sincerily Dvaid Starr aka Hipnotic Starrls 


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I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment with the SP-16, however there will be no further updates to this unit. Thank you for your understanding.

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