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CDJ 3000 - 5 NEW Feature Requests

1. Playlist Banks 
Add banks like on the XDJ-RX3. It'd be appreciated if we were allowed more than 4 too on such a premium device.

2. Gated Hot Cues
As a DJ who is constantly finger drumming (when using Rekordbox software) it's been a long asked for and very welcomed feature to allow us the ability to turn that function on or off like in RB software.

3. Improved Key Shift
Adding the ability to directly jump up or down in key more than one key at a time. Example immediately jumping between multiple related keys up and down without having to push it 6,7,8 etc times to do so. (The key shift menu could look more like the track filter or beat jump menus with complimentary key "boxes" highlighted.

4. Hot Cue Text
When saving hot cues it'd be great if we could see even a small bit of text we saved in software on the waveform slide strip section. Yes I understand this text area is very small, so maybe touch functionality that temporarily opens a box until release.

5. Improved Memory Cue Viewability 
(In the waveform slide strip section) When you have both saved hot cues and memory cues, the hot cues overlap and make it impossible to see the memory cues. A resolve would be lowering one of the cue types and raising the other so they're stacked.


Both myself and the Minneapolis DJs forum greatly appreciate any attention you give these suggested feature updates.

Thank you,




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Agree strongly with all of these, #1 Playlist Banks is the biggest one for me. I'm often juggling playlists and it feels so limiting and frustrating, please please bring this functionality over from the RX3.

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+1 on the gated hot cues. really sad that someone with a 200€ controller has this functionality but not the flagship unit.

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