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Stairville Beam Moving Head B5R (Mode 2, 17 chs)

  • Manufacturer  Stairville
  • Model Name   Beam Moving Head B5R
  • Fixture type     Moving Heads

Fixture: Beam Moving Head B5R

Library Version: 3011

Mode 2

Channels (17chs)

Ch001: Pan 8 Bit

Ch002: Pan 16 Bit

Ch003: Tilt 8 Bit

Ch004: Tilt 16 Bit

Ch005: Pan/Tilt Speed

Ch006: Colour Wheel

Ch007: Strobe

Ch008: Dimmer

Ch009: Gobos

Ch010: Frost

Ch011: Reset

Ch012: Focus

Ch013: Lamp Control

Ch014: Prism

Ch015: Trism Rotation

Ch016: Zoom

Ch017: No Function


Please delete channel 17 from the fixture



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Why should we remove this channel? The manual has a 17 channel mode. Do you have any different manual version?
Could you please send it to here?

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

Pavlos Mavridis - AtlaBase 0 voti
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