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Fractal Morph 100 ISSUE

Fixutre as below was added recently to library.

Manufacturer: Fractal
Fixture: Morph Spot 100W

Fixture is not chaning colors, moving is ok.

Please, check if fixture is added properly. If you need anything let me know.

Krzysztof Kadaf Non pianificato

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Hello Krzysztof,

Another customer had the same issues and we provided him with the method below, which solved the issues. Will you please check if the light is turned on when sending any other numbers than 0 to CH 13?
More specifically, please select the values below in the DMX Direct Control in PERFORMANCE mode.
After selecting the values, click the red-circled button to enable DMX Direct Control.
After clicking the button, make sure that you see the button surrounded by the blue line as shown below.

Please see if any difference is made.

Pioneer DJ Support

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