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DJM Tour 1 with CDJ-3000 Features Questions

I have 2 questions regarding feature support on the DJM Tour 1 mixer in conjunction with CDJ-3000 players connected over Pro DJ Link that I have been unable to find the answer to.  With the most current firmware updates, my questions are;

1) When using the DJM Tour 1's folding screen to display waveforms for tracks playing on the CDJ-3000's, does it support the 3-Band waveform color option?

2) When using the DJM Tour 1's folding screen to browse tracks on USB drives in the CDJ 3000's or tracks from Rekordbox on a computer connected over Pro DJ Link, is it possible to use Touch Preview through the mixer's link cue as you can in the Rekordbox software in Link Export mode or on the 3000's in the browsing mode?


DJ Colson

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Good luck getting a question like that answered here. You may want to go to the r/DJs reddit and ask this. This forum is pretty dead it seems like...

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