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Separate Outputs while retaining Channel / Crossfader. (For DJ's that ply with bands)

Hello. Here's my suggestion:

The ability to use separate outputs in the modern S7 and S11 mixers without losing the crossfader channel-fader, post-fader fx, etc...

Basically, the option to route one channel to the XLR Master Out and the other to either the Booth Out (Jack) or Master-2 (RCA).

This won't make much sense for the typical DJ playing in a Club but for those of us who also play with live bands it gives the front Audio Engineer a chance to mix both channels independently... Say eq the instrumental and my DJ scratch separately. 

Since the mixer is all digital this is probably possible with a firmware update, I can achieve this using another Audio Interface and routing things in a DAW but a built-in way would be amazing.




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Sorry, that's not possible using the analog outputs, but you can effectively do that through the USB audio interface:

Use the Post-Fader output assignments.

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Thanks for the fast reply.

If its not possible thru the analog outs then I guess it's due to the way the mixer is internally routed. :(

I'll try the external interface route then, thanks.


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