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Improve "MY PICKS" bonding functionality.

The database relationship function in RBDJ called my picks is a wonderful, under utilized and neglected tool inside RBDJ.  It might be one of the most powerful library features in the software.  But the relationship assignment method is too simplistic and limited.  

Many of the djs i teach and perform with have pockets or groups of songs we use as a cohesive team to perform a multi track performance.  

With the currently My Picks functionality, you have to put two tracks in the performance decks and join them with that single button.  Imagine the process when you have a ten song pocket of tracks and you want a relationship built between every song (all the songs) in that pocket of tracks.  you have put track #1 in deck 1 and systematically drop tracks 2-9 into deck 2 one at a time and hit that link button.  then go to track #2 and start the process with all the tracks... then track #3, 4 and so on.  the process take minutes instead of seconds.  

There should be an option to highlight a group of songs in the browser window... right click on the selected group of tracks and join all the songs together with the relationship database function.

Then when any one of the ten songs in the pocket performance is in the master deck... all the other tracks in that database association group of songs pop up in my picks.  

Joining these songs one at a time is tedious and annoying.   


As a secondary request... having a scanning function for the history files to help Kick Start the use of My Picks would help users get a head start using the feature and possible make it more popular amongst users and something make My Picks become a feature Pioneer could brag about instead of having it sit there unused by most users.

If you had a function that scanned the history file and made a note of how many times two songs were played back to back in the history files ... then the user could say... OK, if two songs in my history were played back to back more that 3 times or 8 times... i want you to join them in the database with the My Picks function.  

the function is far too tedious to start from scratch and that is the main reason why my students and peers are not using it.  If they could get a kick start and bulk build the relationships... they would use it all the time.

Walt White

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