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Hi all, I have sent the following email to Pioneer. Maybe it brings something: 

Dear Pioneer Team, I have been DJing with Pioneer products for many years and have been using the XDJ-RX3 for half a year now.

I would have a few concerns that they could possibly adjust with a firmware update:

1.) The ability to pre-listen to the AUX input through the headphones. It's so important when you want to mix in a track via an outside source. It would be great if you could somehow incorporate this afterwards.

2) The possibility to select a "history" playlist from the USB stick in the playlist banks. 

3) It would also be great if you could add the playlists of different sticks to the banks, if you work with several sticks at the same time, so that you don't always have to jump between the sources. So for example bank 1 playlist of stick A and bank 2 playlist of stick B.

4) The best new feature for me is the "Echo Out" effect. It would be great if you could put this on the first effect row, so you don't always have to jump to the 2nd effect row first. I use this effect for every transition.

5) It would be great if you could see the remaining runtime of the track on the jog wheel display.

I am looking forward to your feedback. Thanks a lot


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#1 I agree with and they can probably route it right to the preview cue that's used for the touch preview waveform feature

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