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DDJ-REV 4 (4 Channel Battle Style Pioneer Controller)

- 4x channel Standalone Mixer function
- Send and Return I/O jack for connecting hardware FX
- Same layout, and pads a DDJ-REV 1
- Same Jogs as DDJ-FLX6
- 5 Pin MIDI Out DIN carrying MIDI Time Code
- Hardware Ableton Link
- Hardware unlock for Rekordbox/Serato DJ Pro /DVS 
- USB port to host Pioneer DDJ-XP2 without computer
- Powered USB Type A and Type C ports
- 4x DVS Input
- 4x replaceable Channel Upfaders
- Replaceable Sampler Upfader
- Replaceable Crossfader
- External Tension Adjust Knob for Crossfader
- 100mm Pitch Faders
- 100mm needle search touch strip
- Deck Move feature from Pioneer DJM-S11
- Bluetooth Audio Input feature from Pioneer DJM-S7

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