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Some simple things.

1. Can you please make a skin with smaller decks, but at least we can have the option to enabe effects????

If i choose smaller deck, i cannot enable effects now!

2. Can you please make the mapping more similar to users??

3. Can you pleae let the djs to decide how they want to work your program?

For an example, i want to mapp beat jump to search buttons, but record box do not let me do that. I only can map beat jump to pad.Why???

4. Is it so difficult to know what time we play a song to our history????

5. Is it so difficult to define the seconds for history to write the song??For example I play a song for 10 seconds and record box will not write in history.

6. I have so many things in my mind, but your priority guys is the online platforms to play music.
Make your program more friendly to users.

Right now i reload tags to my library. 28.000 - 29.000 songs. I'm still waitng from 13:00. Now its to 89%. Sorry but, WTF guys??
I did the same to virtual dj and it was ready 7-8 minutes.

My wave form is shaking at record box dj.
At virtual dj no!

AMD Ryzen 5
8.00 GB Ram

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Hey Vasilis,

1. Have you tried the View > Show / Hide Pad & Platter view? It sounds like you're trying to use the Browse view as "smaller decks."

2. More similar to what?

4. Because your CDJs don't have clocks... but we've requested that internally played songs should have timestamps.

5. It requires the minimum play time of 60s, but we've also asked for that to be adjustable.

6. Load'm all as requests here in the suggestions forum.

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