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Multi-client ASIO drivers

Hi! I like to use loopers* for scratching (my 90% of use of the mixer, basically), and using Windows, I can't have the DJ software running for scratching with DVS at the same time if I play the looper through the Pioneer DJ mixer's internal audio interface, because the ASIO driver is not multi-client. I know I can use a minijack-RCA and use the internal audio interface of my PC, but because I do it usually, it's a little tired (and worst audio quality too).

But's that's not all: with other mixers, I can record DVS scratches in a DAW with the DJ software with the mixer only with tis USB cable (I sell scratching sessions on Fiverr). Not with Pioneer DJ products, because this. And I haven't tried yet, but I guess it's not possible to livestream with Serato DJ Pro neither in the same computer (it outputs the master through a virtual audio device through WDM for other applications like OBS Studio).

Rane, Reloop, NI... everyone has multi-client ASIO drivers for Windows. If you don't want to offer them by default for any technical reason, it would be awesome to offer an alternative ASIO drivers (multi-client) for us people who require them.

I think it would be nice, at least, that the DJ software warns when  you open it and the mixer's audio interface is in use, in case the ASIO driver will remain mono-client in the future (so the DJ software won't hang with no explanation for the user).

Thanks for reading.

*a looper is a combination of instrumental loops to play over, like this one, for example. There are much more loopers on websites and Flash (it's possible to open them directly without Flash Player in EXE format on Windows) than in apps for smartphones/tablets.


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