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More inputs and outputs for WDM drivers (Windows)

When I scratch with a looper, I would like to route it to the channel 2 in the mixer (or aux) instead of the default channel 1. I know I could use the setup utility to route the USB1/2 to CH2 in the mixer input tab, but then I mess up things for the DJ software.

Think about it: if you do that, then users won't have to use a complex guide like this one for livestream, for example (they just need to "tell" OBS Studio "hey, use the REC OUT input for audio input", like we can do with the Traktor Kontrol Z2... voilà!). I would be so grateful if you let Windows use all the inputs or outputs with the WDM driver (or the relevant ones, at least, like all minus FX ones)

Thanks for reading.


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