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RB 5.8.7 Video Activation

Hi, i've been hoping that you will give option for users to activate the Video Package for users on the 5.8.7 since your continuing support of lyrics.

Also please add support HID on your new flagship CDJ-3000 for RB5 sad only audio out work but no control. Sad that CDJ 3000 work on serato but not your own products. I own DDJ-1000RB very nice but only use it for corporate events. Please make life simple for dj technician to connect various guest DJs to club pioneer setup.

Please add the option on your new server to purchase video pack. And update CDJ / Agr to support RB5 cdj-3000HID. Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, rekordbox 5 is an end-of-life product and we no longer sell licenses or subscriptions for it. You can purchase a Creative plan for rekordbox 6 if you wish you use the Video output. Thank you!

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