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DJM S11 suggestions



I've been playing around with the S11 a lot lately and I've noticed a few things that could be improved:


Shorter lighting time for the pads:

When going through beat jump increments quickly, it just lights up white for a little too long.


Better gridlines for the waveform display:

I can't really see them, also Bar numbers would be nice (like on the Rane 72, I have both mixers and it's a lot better on the Rane)


EQ Controls for Deck 3/4.

Being able to bring back Deck 3/4 to Deck 1/2 again, or switch DVS to Deck 3 or 4 temporarily.

Dotted and triplet time divisions for the FX above 1 Beat (Rane 72 has this and I mostly use odd timed echo for example, for a more dubby feel)


Being able to set different crossover frequencies for the EQs, I feel the treble and bass eq cut way too much into the mids, taking all juice out of the tracks.


Sync buttons on the waveform display should get orange once the tunes go out of sync (The Rane does this again)


Auto BPM for analog sources rarely works!



This is the most important one for me. The rane does this perfectly, being able to record the individual channels of the mixer, while Serato is open and recording post crossfader for example. Gives you the possibility to adjust the mix and tracks just after it was recorded.


Otherwise it's a great mixer and I can't wait for the next driver and firmware update!

Ja Ki

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