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CDJ900nxs Title Display Colour

Hey all,

bit of a random one here. so my ext drive decided to corrupt itself so have had to start again on it.  am using CDJ900nxs's

so before the corruption i had the display where the track name is as green in stead of blue. i remember changing it but now cant for the life of me find where the setting is. anyone have any ideas?  i recall there were a bunch of colours to choose from

have fairly thoroughly checked the prefs in RB but maybe not hard enough

Kit is CDJ900nxs & using RB5.4



Lance Gooch

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Display the category hierarchy (see attached FILE) and press MENU to change BACKGROUND COLOR.


category hierarchy


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ok - thank you for that.   yea doesnt appear to be in the list on my 900's so will give it a try next time im in a cdj2000 

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