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Real-Time Music Source Separation on Rekoedbox

Hi, I don't know if you've tried it, at the moment only Virtual DJ 2021 and Djay Pro can do it, but it's the possibility of separating live vocal from percussion and harmonics.
I am a Rekordbox user and I have all my playlists there, with lots of annotations, cues, scores, etc. But I was yesterday doing tests with Virtual 2021 and I think it is spectacular to be able to mix live separating signals.
Does anyone know if Pioneer will implement it in Rekordbox?
I've tried to migrate my collection to Virtual DJ and apart from that it's a great job; there are fields that it doesn't keep me (comments, total plays, etc)

Enelmundo Deejay

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Hi, i have tried it yesterday on Virtual DJ. That is an amazing feature.....

and.... THAT IS INNOVATIVE, not Cloud Sync!!!!


That comes to my wishlist:

  • Realtime Stem like Algoriddim or Virtual DJ, very very cool
  • Lighting Support for RB DMX external Mixer (I have equipment for 9000€ and cant use my RB DMX1 Lighting Mode :-(
  • DJS 1000 synq with rekordbox ( i wait since two years, nothing happens) Pulse says; its comming, but nothing comes.......
  • and last but not least: NEW PLAYERS (come on, CDJ2000nxs2 time is over)
  • Update for the Toraiz AS1 (sync issue, waiting since years), a forgotte product??
  • and and and......
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@Enelmundo Deejay:  upvoted !

Even though Algoriddim and Virtual DJ WON'T ADMIT IT, this AI audio signal separation is based on the OPEN SOURCE 'Spleeter' by Deezer Research.  It's so obvious because the results are the same in that you can hear the same ARTIFACTING going on.

With that said, rekordbox 6.0.2 has vocal detection, and they should also be able to adapt the '3Band' waveform for stems.  Hoping they're just waiting until they can improve it.  Also, hoping they won't charge for it like the vocal detection (those @zzh#les).

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Real-Time Stems Separation

Yes, this is a must have feature on Rekordbox.

On Virtual-DJ this was introduced in june 2020.


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