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CDJ 2000nxs 2 "Menu" & "Back" Button Not Functioning

I recently ordered a pair of CDJ 2000 nxs2 from a seller on ebay. Upon their arrival I noticed that on one of the units, the "Tag List", "Info", "Menu", "Back" and "Tag Trac/Remove Button" are not functional. I updated my Rekordbox software to 6.0.2 and made sure my settings were current, I updated the firmware on each unit to 1.85, as well as a factory reset of the unit. None of these options alleviated the lack of functionality on any of the buttons. I noticed that when power cycling the unit the light under each button was illuminated, however once the unit is powered on the buttons do nothing when I press them.

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Do they work if you're navigating the contents of a USB drive?

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