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Fixture BoomtoneDJ Maxi spot 90 - wrong mapping

Good afternoon,


I just bought a new fixture boomtoneDJ Maxi Spot 90, as I have seen that the fixture was referenced into your library.

Unfortunately I was very disappointed to realize that the fixture were not properly mapped while using the RB-DMX1.

As for example only the wash light white color is working, no other color available.

Tilt and Pan are working properly.


Could you please resolve the issue I have a several gig plan in coming weeks.

Many thanks for your support



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Dear Sir,

Please update the fixture library to ver1122 or later from rekordbox lighting mode.

And you should remove that fixture once, and then search "Maxi Spot 90" and re-mapping this fixture.


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Hello, even if the fixture is referenced and split into two device (1 moving beam and 1 par light), rekordbox software is not sending the right DMX order to the fixture....

I have crosschecked more than twice adresses on both Rekordbox lighting and the fixture itself, they are both align to the same adress, but still not working (no tilt, no pan, no color at all).

To make sure that the issue was not comming from my hardware fixture I have plug a DMX console in direct to the 2 fixtures, and they both react accordingly as per the Boomtone DJ manual.

The issue is not comming neither from DMX cables or the RB DMX1 itself because other fixtures that the one mentionned are working properly and sync with RBK.


Could you please have a look quickly to where is comming the issue, and fix it asap. I am having some gigs planned very very soon. Not having the material working properly could jeopardize services I am proving to my customers.


Thank you for your support.


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