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Pioneer component TT PL-J210 running v. fast

Hi all,
I just inherited a pioneer j-210 system which has a PL-J210 33/45rpm TT powered by 12v DC from the amp (according to the markings on the back of the amp). However the TT runs very fast (probably faster than 78rpm)when powered by the 12v from the amp (or from a variable PSU which I can set at 12v.) If I drop the supply voltage, the speed slows. But the 33/45 switch doesn't make a noticeable difference in speed. The motor is a 4 wire Sankyo SHP2R with the - + connected to the supply and the other two wires connected via 2 pots and a small resistor to -ve.
So, first question - is there an ic inside the motor to control speed or is there a signal on top of the 12v from the amp unit.
Assuming that the circuit is inside the motor, is it possible to dismantle and repair or do I consign it to the bin?




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