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Relocating Files in Rekordbox 5 Issue


I have been running into an issue when relocating files on Rekordbox 5. I have watched numerous videos and have had some luck on some folders with bulk relocations but now am running into an issue. 

I had some old playlists where the host folder was lost. I recreated a new folder with the same folder name, exact tracks and names but new location (now external previously internal laptop drive). I have tried selecting "Display all missing files" in the File tab and selected ALL the tracks that were missing for this particular folder (no other tracks from different folders were selected). I relocated the folder where all of the missing tracks are now located and it only finds the one track it suggested but does not find the others even though I have them all selected.

I also went to the playlist itself and selected all the files that were missing and right click to relocate with the same result of only relocating the one track. 

Any help is appreciated,  Thanks!

Rob Dub

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